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17 Days


One week ago you asked me for a date

The sky was dark and it was late,

the stars shined down from heaven above,

when I found a little piece of love.


Two days ago we phoned - like all the nights ago,

you said you've something you wanna show.

I had to close my eyes and then you said,

Imagine I would kiss you yet.


You called me sweety,

called me angel,

you said I'll get all your love.

You'll hold me, keep me,

protect me from fears

and kiss away my tears.

In 17 days we'll meet again,

then you wanna here my choice.



Then yesterday we both went out,

on the way to cinema, we laughed so loud.

I read your letter, every word and every phrase,

and my heart and head started a race.


Then you started to hold my hand,

I felt into an ocean, nowhere land.

Suddenly you kissed me fast,

and I had to think about my past.


I didn't know what I want,

I still don't know,

if I want you here,

or if I want you to go.


Now I'm lying in my bad,

and everything is dark and sad.

Do I want you by my side?

I wanna try this infant light.

I'm turning round and all I see,

a future without you and me.


In 17 days we'll meet again,

then you wanna here my choice.

You wanna hear my voice...